Paid Advertising Services in Hubli

Paid advertising is earning leads on every click through online advertising. We professionally manage paid advertising services in Hubli-Dharwad. We are experts in driving targeted traffic to your business to increase revenue. Our paid advertising team analyzes various keywords and long-tail tags that audience search for your service or products online.  Our Pay-per-Click service will ensure you to get a better conversion rate than the industry standard.

Types Of PPC Ads

Search Ads​

Search ads are used to run campaign on search engine like Google to huge website traffic and leads. Search ads targets people who are actually searching your product or services online.

Display Ads​

We design display ads for your products or services to target customers are not aware of your products and services. Display advertising scope to reach the relevant audience online. We can spend lowest cost to get you high volumes of traffic.

Video Ads​

Video ads are the most customer engaging type of advertising model online. We experts in crating attractive video to generate more traffic.

Shopping Ads​

If you own e-commerce business, shopping ads for better choice for your business to sell your products. Shopping ads helps you to compete with big market leaders online.

Frequently Asked Question's

Google Ads is an online advertising service used to showcase your ads on google networks. (SEM) Search Engine Marketing ads are run through google ads which involves keyword targeting or marketing your advertisement towards specific keyword or search queries.

Pay per click is also known as cost per click. PPC is paid advertising services. CPC ads appears above and below the organic results.

CTR is click through rate. Its calculated by dividing the total number of clicks by total number of ad impressions.

CTR= Number of clicks / Number of impressions

Google ads can classified into

Search only ads, display ads, Video Ads, Shopping ads, Responsive ads, call only ads, rich media ads.

The Google Display Network is a network where we  run your ads and take advantage of audience targeting, keyword targeting, website targeting, app targeting, and more.

Any website, application or video that is configured to monetize with Google Ads is part of the Google Display Network.

We understand the Google Display Network ad specifications and targeting the Google Display Network so that we can deliver results for your business.

Common Ad extensions used in ad words are as follows:

    • Site links.
    • Call Extensions.
    • Call Out Extension
    • Location Extensions.
    • Review extension
    • Seller ratings.
    • Mobile app extensions
    • Offer Ads

For Google it can have a maximum of twenty-five characters for the headline and seventy characters for description, both one and two combined.

An ad group contains one or more ads that share similar targets.Each of your campaigns is made up of one or more ad groups

Re-targeting the visitors who got interacted but not converted into leads by showing still more defined Ads is know as Google remarketing.

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