What are the benefits of using an infographic?

If you’re looking for a way to make your content more appealing, an interactive info graphics are probably the way to go.  Info graphics are eye-catching and colorful appealing and unique works of art that demand attention from your audience, info graphics tell us everything we need to know in a simplified way. Info graphics can function as a kind of teaser or call to action encouraging users to read or download the extended information. A well-designed info graphics can help every business look like a leader not only do they serve practical business communication goals, they’re also cool and aesthetically pleasing raising your brand value.

Human psychology process visuals 60,000 times faster than text as people remember 80% of what they see compared with just 20% of what they read. Info graphics helps to increase site traffic 12% faster as users only read roughly one-fourth of the words on a web page, with information overload on the rise and dwindling attention spans, it’s no surprise that visuals are also on the rise and a preferred way of consuming information, you should also consider that info graphics are shared 3x more on social media as it increases reader span up to 85%.

Finally, images are also great teachers there’s a 70% rate of understanding for text only labels but that increases to a 95 percent rate of understanding when it is presented in text and picture labels, also people follow instructions over three times better with text and illustrations versus those following text only instructions.

So, some of the general benefits of adding infographics into your content:

1. More attractive:- Infographics are more attractive than writings, since they generally consolidate pictures, hues, and substance that normally draw the eye. Infographics are enjoyed and shared via on social media 3X times more than some other sort of content.

2. Make content increasingly absorbable:- Some of the time, people don’t have the opportunity or the tolerance to read a lengthy article. Particularly on the off chance that they are driving to work and are looking down their Facebook news feed – they lean toward muted videos with appealing titles, brief and smart posts, and obviously, infographics.

3. Strengthen SEO:- A very much planned and satisfying infographic assists in reinforcing SEO. Infographics drive individuals to your site since they are bound to “share” and “click” on it. Likewise, this can help with Google’s “Page Rank” algorithm, which is significant for SEO.

4. Increase in fun and engagement:- At last, infographics are a fun and appealing in medium that can produce a one of a kind association with visitors in either your site or an location that has included your infographic.

5. Brand awareness:- Making an infographic that is implanted with your logo and brand is shown as an incredible method for making a more prominent “Brand Awareness”.

Kinds Of Infographics That You Can Include In Your Content

Social media Infographics:

Social media infographics are expressly organized to meet social media outlet necessities.

Video Infographics:

Video infographics use recordings to catch your infographic information and data, and they regularly utilize the utilization of motion graphics and text styles.

Static Infographics:

Static infographics are designs that you can put on your sites, blogs, or or social media networks.

PowerPoint Infographics:

PowerPoint infographics is for introduction to a moderate-sized audience, and you can likewise spare them as a .ppt record, making them a storable information type for later dispersion and use.


 Think about all the information and content you consume today and how it is being presented whether it is in print digital or video form what type of content stands out to you or what type of content engages or what type of content and information do you find yourself recalling the most, you’ll likely discover that the content that stands out is memorable in highly visual.

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